CAN Info-Tech 2019

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Items to be showcased in CAN Info-Tech includes opera􀆟ng System So􀅌ware, Networking Solu􀆟ons, Mobile Phones and Solu􀆟ons, Electricals and Electronics showcase, Security Solu􀆟ons, ISPs, Product Launch/New Products, Laptop and Desktop, Computer Parts, UPS, Inverter, Stabilizer, Solar Power System, CCTV, Printers, ICT Training and Solu􀆟on Provider, Educa􀆟onal Ins􀆟tutes, Computer Peripherals, Pen drive and External Hard disk, Internet Telephony, Web Services, An􀆟virus So􀅌ware, Self-learning Tutorials for Programming, Digital Photography and Designing, Wireless Solu􀆟ons, Banking Solu􀆟ons, IT-Enabled Services and Solu􀆟ons,Insurance/Accoun􀆟ng/Finance So􀅌ware, Anima􀆟on & Entertainment, Travel & Tour System,etc.


  • Exhibition and Demonstration (100 plus Stalls)
  • Demonstration of recent ICT products.
  • ICT Conference on AI, iOT and more.
  • Smart City concept and demonstration.
  • 3D Printing Technology and Demosntration
  • Technology Museum
  • AR/VR Exhibition
  • Robotics and App Competition
  • Smart Gadgets
  • Seminar on Cyber Security and Cyber Law.
  • Special opportunities for visitors.
  • Special schemes will be offered by organizer and exhibitors.
  • Seminars on subject of interest to the participants.
  • Stakeholder and job Fair/Startup Meet
  • Wifi Zone/Meeting Hall

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Jain Bhawan, Biratnagar
From : 28th December, 2018
To : 28th December, 2018
11:00 am

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