Nominations Open for 2022 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards!

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World Innovation, Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA) "Fulfilling the Promise of the Digital Age" was founded in 1978, is a consortium of associations from the information and communications technology industry around the world and in WITSA, CAN Federation is representing Nepal since so long.  

We are excited to announce the 2022 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards program! The 2022 Awards will be presented to select individuals, academic institutions, corporations, NGOs or governments whose use and applications of digital technologies exhibit exceptional achievement within the following broad categories:

Private Sector/NGO Public Sector
Digital Opportunity/Inclusion Award Digital Opportunity/Inclusion Award
Smart Cities Award Smart Cities Award
Sustainable Growth/Circular Economy Award Sustainable Growth/Circular Economy Award
Innovative eHealth Solutions Award Innovative eHealth Solutions Award
Public/Private Partnership Award Public/Private Partnership Award
E-Education & Learning Award E-Education & Learning Award
Emerging Digital Solutions Award Startup Ecosystem Award


In addition, a Chairman's Award will be presented to a nominee selected from the entire pool of candidates from all award categories.
The 2022 WITSA Global ICT Excellence Awards will take place in conjunction with the September 13-15, 2022 World Congress on Innovation and Technology in Penang, Malaysia (https://wcit2022.com/).

If you are working in these areas, and are qualified for nomination, then please submit your form/. The deadline for forwarding the nominees to WITSA is June 7, 2022!

CAN Federation will forward 3 nominations in each category. 

Please send your nominations to us by filling this google form https://forms.gle/DuSXk47k1b3MML8QA at your earliest opportunity and do not hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

If you are selected for the nominations, CAN Federation will inform you by June 10, 2022 and it can have nominal processing fees as below. 

Processing fee:

For Individuals: 
3,000/- for the CAN Members 
6,000/- for the non-member. 

For Organizations: 
5,000/- for the CAN Members 
10,000/- for the non-member. 

We encourage all all members and non-members to participate in 2022 Global ICT Excellence Awards Program; its success will be a direct result of our members submitting high-quality nominations. All members are urged to begin the process of nominating candidates immediately. The Awards will give your member companies an opportunity to give their "best customers" the recognition they deserve, but will also benefit your association as well as provide a valuable addition to the Congress program. Previously submitted nominations may be re-nominated, provided information is updated as appropriate.

Thank you in advance for your participation! The nominating form and program information are attached below:

1. Nominating Form 

2. Program Information


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Posted on :5th May, 2022
Posted by : udip baral
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